Business Expense Cover

This cover acts as a financial ‘back up plan’ for your business, to ensure it continues to run smoothly, even if you are injured and unable to work.

It could be the difference between going out of business because you can't deliver to your clients or customers, and maintaining those important relationships during a period when you can't work.

More importantly, you're not losing all the hard work you've put into building the business, and if you are unable to return to work, you can maintain ownership in the business and continue to provide your services and products to the people who rely on you.

Who is business expense cover for?

Business expense cover is for anyone who's a sole trader, a business owner, or part of a business partnership.

Business partners can arrange insurance to cover the situation where one or the other is unable to continue to work.

How does business expense cover help?

Business Expense cover can help cover some your monthly business expenses including:

  • Office/property rent fees
  • Bills & Utilities
  • Leases on Cars
  • Insurance and security costs
  • Salaries to Staff and Superannuation

Make sure an unexpected accident doesn’t compromise the business you have worked tirelessly to grow.

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