Insurance for Professionals

As a tertiary-educated Professional in your field or a Medical Doctor, one of your greatest assets (besides your knowledge and experience) is your ability to earn an income.

If you lose the ability to earn, due to injury or illness, the years of study and dedication could amount to nothing more than a few certificates on the wall.

Insure your future earnings

Income protection allows you to protect your income in the event that you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

You have sacrificed to get to where you are today, so why risk that lifestyle and level of comfort? Income protection is an affordable and extremely effective way of protecting both you and your family's financial future.

Income protection cover

Many general income protection policies will cover up to 75% of your income up to age 65.

However, the select insurers that we use for income protection will provide Professionals & Doctors with even great levels of protection.

Income protection benefits for Professionals

Benefit period up to age 70
Agreed value policies

Whilst these extra benefits are available to all Professionals or Doctors, it is important to use a financial adviser who can ensure you obtain cover with the provider that offers the best features and benefits to suit your personal needs.

Are you a new MD?

As a newly qualified Doctor you know that your income is going to increase significantly as time passes, but right now proving a steady income stream may not be so easy.

If you've been praticing for less than 5 years, you can still get income protection based on your projected future earnings:

Income Protection for Graduate MD's
Guaranteed maximum benefit of $6,250 p/m
Proof of Income - Waived
Mandatory Medicals - Waived (subject to disclosures)

This means you can get the insurance you need now, guaranteed at your chosen level, without having to worry about proof of income if you make a claim.

If you'd like to find out more about effectively protecting your future earnings, then book a consult with a financial adviser today or call us now on 1300 060 668 to find out your options.

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