Key Person Insurance

Similarly to business expense cover, Key Person cover can protect your business from financial turmoil if a key person is to suffer a major illness, injury or death.

Does your business rely on one person?

If your business falls behind because one key individual gets sick, you could risk not just losing money, but losing clients too.

Many small businesses rely heavily on one skilled individual to do the major work of the business. Without them, you can't deliver your product or meet your project deadlines.

Or your business may rely heavily on a senior partner or CEO.

Don't let your business fall apart

There is something you can do to stay in business and protect all the hard work of this key person when they can't work.

With the right business insurance in place, you give your enterprise a fighting chance and you won't lose all of the hard work that this key individual has put into establishing the business you have now.

How can key person insurance fill the gap?

If there's a member of your business plays a key role in its operation, or is uniquely valuable, and they can't work, then key person cover can help you stay in business.

Key person insurance can be used to:
Cover the costs of recruiting a temporary worker until the valued member can return; or
Train new staff to replace the key person in the event of their untimely death or total disability.

To find out how you can keep your business running without this essential individual, book a consult today to learn more about your business insurance cover options.

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