TPD (Total & Permanent Disability)

Imagine if you were in a serious accident, and you weren't killed, but you had to rely on your family to care for you, and you couldn't return to work.

It’s a horrible scenario to consider, but not as horrible if you knew you and your loved ones were properly protected.

What is TPD cover?

Unlike life cover, TPD insurance is designed to provide for you and your family if you were totally/permanently disabled in an accident.

If you became seriously injured, how would you survive? Would your partner's income cover your lost income, as well as medical expenses?

How does TPD cover work?

TPD can be linked to your life insurance, and partly funded inside your super to reduce out of pocket costs.

In a worst case scenario, with TPD you will have cover for medical costs, upgrades to the home that you might need if you lost the use of your arms and legs, and a supplementary income.

How can I find out more about TPD cover?

If you haven’t considered TPD cover before, why not give us a call on 1300 060 668 to find how how you and your family can be covered for this worst case.

Or book a consultation to get the right information you need to make an informed decision. We have access to a large range of insurers, can get the cover that is right for you.

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