Securities Trading

Positive Wealth Management offer both advisory and non-advisory share trading services.

We have extensive experience investing into the stock market and can help you create a tax-effective, long term investment portfolio, to generate income from dividends and provide growth potential.

Reduce risk with diversified investments

Shares can be a bit scarier to your average Australian than property, but in reality both are considered to be ‘risk’ assets. In fact, having all your assets tied up in property is actually riskier than spreading that risk across a number of different asset classes.

Spreading your investments across several asset classes is called ‘diversification’ and is a great way to reduce volatility on your investments.

If one asset has a bad year, it can be offset by strong performance in another sector.


A fall in commodity prices can affect your resource shares, but this can be offset by strong returns over the same period in healthcare or telecommunications.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘don’t put all your eggs into one basket’; Your retirement nest egg should not be any different!

Benefits of investing in shares

Did you know that in the 30 years (1985 to 2015), Australian shares returned over 10.5% p.a.?

This strong performance is greater than listed property, international shares and bonds over the same period.

Investing into shares does carry significant risks, but history has shown that sensible, longer term investors have been well rewarded for their patience and discipline.

Tax benefits of ASX investment

Unlike international equities, Australian shares can provide additional income via a special type of tax credit known as ‘franking’.

Franking credits allow Australian companies to pass on the tax paid at company level to Australian investors, which can be used to reduce income tax paid, or can even be received as a tax refund.

With a tax-effective, long-term investment portfolio you can generate income from dividends and grow your wealth over time, while benefiting from reduced risk.

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