Self Managed Super Funds SMSF's

Do you want to take complete control over your superannuation? – if the answer is YES, a self-managed super fund (SMSF) could be for you.

‘Self-Managed’ Super is the fastest growing sector in superannuation.

Take control of your investments

Thousands of Australians are starting to realise the benefits of managing their own super, taking back control over investment decisions. You decide exactly how money is invested.

This is an important ethical decision for many people, ensuring you're investing in causes and companies you support, as well as maximising your return on investment.

The cost benefits of a SMSF can be great as well, but with this new level of control comes significant responsibility and effort.

Navigating SMSF Compliance

If you are wanting to set up a SMSF, it is important to consider your role in the management and compliance of the fund.

A SMSF trustee has legal and financial obligations, which are mandatory (such as tax returns, audits and reporting to ASIC and the ATO).

Failure to comply with SMSF law can have dramatic consequences, so it’s important to know how to run the fund properly.

Don't tackle SMSF alone

If you think that a self managed super could be right for you, our financial advisers would be happy to run through the process of setting up your own fun and making sure you are 100% compliant with changing government legislation.

We'll guide you through your options, and explain all your obligations in clear, concise language.

Book a consult with a financial adviser today to learn more about the type of SMSF that could be right for you.

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