Social Security (Centrelink)

Australia is a 'welfare state' which means that the government takes an active role in protecting and promoting the social and economic welfare of its' citizens. However, like any bureaucracy, accessing assistance from the Department of Human Services can be a prolonged process.

Luckily, Positive Wealth’s expert advisers can assist with the complex forms required to access social security benefits, whether you're unable to work, starting a family, or transitioning from full-time work to a pension.

Accessing Government Services

We have helped many Australians with their issues and can help you:

  • Apply for an Age or Disability Pension
  • Update your assets and liabilities
  • Restructure your assets
  • Submit forms online using our Adviser portal

With an advocate on your side, a successful outcome from the Department will be a quicker and less stressful process. Let us help make your life less complicated.

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